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Places To Visit

Places To Visit in British Virgin Islands

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There are many exciting places to visit in British Virgin Islands. The entire region is a tourist heaven. And our gordian terrace serves as a gateway to all these interesting hotspots.

Smuggler's Cove

This Tortola cove offers excellent snorkeling opportunities.

Cane Garden Bay

Centrally located on Tortola’s north side, this is probably the busiest beach since its beauty is often compared to Magen’s Bay on St. Thomas.

The Baths

The most well-known attraction on the island, these giant boulders or batholiths, brought to the surface by volcanic eruptions, are scattered about forming a beautiful grotto and tranquil pools.

Long Bay Beach

A perfect getaway for a day, this charming, half-mile strip of soft white sand is isolated and rarely visited since it is accessible only by a small dirt road.


Anegada or the “drowned island” is completely surrounded by shallow reefs, and has become the focal point of underwater diving due to the many historic shipwrecks that litter the island’s underwater depths.

Norman Island Caves

Known for tales of buried treasure, these caves are appreciated even more for spectacular snorkeling adventures, with thousands of orange cup coral and red sponge covering the cave walls.

Devil's Bay National Park

A bay in Virgin Gorda amid enormous granite rocks with warm, shallow water.

The Indians

Regarded as one of the best shallow dives in the BVIs, these four rocky pinnacles rise and descend roughly the same fifty feet above and below the water surface, which form abundant coral gardens, a 15-foot tunnel, lots of fish and an underwater cavern.

Rhone National Marine Park

Park that encompasses the wreck of the HMS Rhone, a mail ship that sunk during a hurricane in 1867, and Dead Chest Island, both great dive sites.